New online auction site allows Caucasians’ to sell their White Privilege

Los Angeles, CA – The new fledging startup eQuity has announced a first in it’s class, an online auction where privilege can be bought and sold. Billionaire investor Peter Thiel delivered a powerful presentation of the new shopping experience which hopes to dethrone eBay which he also cofounded.

Of the services on the site able to buy and sell will not be strictly race privilege but alto include: straight, cisgender, monogamous, blonde, blue eyed, natural born citizen, royalty and God fearing privileges. Minorities will also be able to sell services on the site which will include allowing majorities the use of offensive terms. The use of such privileges will be provided by eQuity in the form of a passport where the user, upon being confronted by someone regarding their privilege, will be able to show their passport to allow use of such words.

Jimmy Galligan (left) who reported former classmate to University of Tennessee about her use of the n-word when she was 15

Peter Thiel explained that eQuity was inspired by the story of teenager Mimi Groves who was cancelled by her university and cheerleading squad over the use of the n-word when she was 15 years old when classmate saved one of her snapchat stories of her using the racial slur. Unfortunately for Mimi these privileges will not be retroactive so for the current time she will continue to be radioactive for future employers and universities.