Charles Manson faces posthumous accusations of sexual harassment, groping clouding his legacy as religious leader

Californian religious leader Charles M Manson (AKA Slim Kitty) is facing fresh sexual misconduct allegations even before his body has the chance to fully mature into soil.

Manson, not only known, for his spiritualism but also musical ballads including White Rasta, The Love & Terror Cult and The Summer of Hate. However, his sterling reputation is now being called into question when an anonymous former member of his religious order have accused him of having unwanted skin on skin contact with them.

It was during our midnight prayer circle. He usually stand there and instructs us on who to wish death upon, when he proceeded to walk towards me grabbing my shoulder, then leaning down he put his cheek against my cheek and made an unwanted sexual advance that I would rather not say.

At that moment I started to wonder what kind of person Charles really was. I mean wishing deaths on Jews and colored folk were one thing but I wasn’t about to take him touching me in that way

Sharon Tate, religious follower
Reactions on shocking allegations against Manson

Religious centers and grammar schools across the country assisted local communities dealing with the crisis to millions of fans facing the probability that Manson was responsible for reprehensible acts against not just any human beings but women. However, the reactions from the political landscape have been varied.

President Donald Trump, when asked about the fresh allegations on Fox & Friends, responded that he “didn’t care for his music so much but crazy Charles had better than decent taste in women.”

The future governor of California Gavin Newsom at a state-run LGBTQ+ daycare center brought harsher words on the Bakersfield bard: “I’m disappointed that someone from the great state of California and a gifted spiritual pioneer could be responsible for such depraved acts”

Former husband Naval Officer and best friend to nobody Steve Bannon when asked refused to comment.