Feminist U Mass undergrad to live under Sharia Law

University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA – Liberal arts undergrad and burgeoning women’s rights champion Constance “Cunnie” Cunningham decided to see for herself though a personal journey of subjecting herself to Sharia Law to help bond with her Muslim sisters and understand the stereotype of their oppression.

Coming from Palmer Town, MA I had little interaction with my Muslim sisters. I decided to go under the hijab to find out what they go through. Allah willing.

Cunnie traveled to Saudi Arabia through a special exchange program made possible by Executive Order during the Obama administration to live among young women under Sharia Law.

I mean, I found it kind of empowering to not being able to drive. I felt great knowing my carbon footprint wouldn’t grow unless a male guardian permitted it. It really takes the thinking out of it.

When asked about women’s rights in Saudi Arabia she insisted that all had been taken care of and similar policies should be instituted in the United States.

Like any good feminist I had an abortion to undergo the experience, and although that’s no longer available to me under Sharia you can share the burden of childcare with a sister-wife. Besides, I get free medical care like my mandatory clitectomy next week.