Aspiring rap star earns his first million by giving up demo tapes for drawing dank memes

THE BRONX, NY – Parkchester’s favored son and aspiring rap star Jaroam (“J-Whitey”) White just made his first million by giving up his childhood dream of being a mega rap star, trading his passion for the turntable for a digital paintbrush.

Normally I’d start my mornin’s handin’ out demo tapes. Bus stations, subway platforms, even through storm drains. End up givin’ out the rest at 42nd (PABT). Outta nowhere this white motherfucka hands me a laptop and tells me I should be using it to make my music. You believe that shit? I couldn’t get my tapes to work on it.

April 2nd his life was changed forever to this grandmaster of flash when he discovered pbrush.exe on his Windows ME laptop. A new era began when he drew his first meme of Pepe the Frog.

Shit that’s when I made my FIRST cool million. I just finished watching my cousin’s web cam, she pretty hot. I lit a pipe up on my stove burner and churned out my first Pepe free handing with the trackball. Was so sweet when I got 1 million up votes. Shit I started thinkin’, maybe this is what I was put on this earth for. I’m just doing what God gave me the talent to do.

Hell, I don’t need to leave the housing complex since we got free wifi. I’m doin’ the Lord’s work.

Jaroame has since moved onto YouTube stardom since discovering his laptop had a web cam. His podcast now “How Come?” airs with his cousin Tamiqua “Tam-Clam” White on her web cam once a week tackling tough topics such as urban life, congenital birth defects and sickle-cell anemia.