Leaked DNC emails expose conspiracy to lower Bernie primary turnout by handing out ‘Pot Brownies’

WikiLeaks has released a new trove of leaked DNC emails outlining what appears to be a conspired attack on Bernie Sanders months ago during state party primaries. The plan seemed to prey on a common strain amongst Bernie voters: their love of THC.

The shocking emails include Evite invitations sent on behalf of what has now been discovered as fake Bernie Sander campaign organizers. Events titled: “Get your Pre-Bern On!” solicited millennials with weed parties which would include: dubys, pot brownies and hinted at speeches from popular Tumplr personalities.

Pre-Bern EvitePre-Bern Evite Message

One specific attendee of these events, who asked that we keep their identity confidential, lamented the quality of the baked goods and entertainment.

“The brownies were obviously a cheap box mix. Oh and the Tumblr speakers? They basically just setup a Macbook Pro and played our favorite videos on sexual identity politics it was very disappointing! I regretted it immediately when I woke up and realized that Bernie had lost New York.”