San Francisco’s new family leave act to finally allow husbands to bond with wife’s boyfriend’s infant

Blended cuckhold families throughout the valley are celebrating the decision by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors to provide paid family leave for married couples whose spouse has a child outside of the marriage. Starting January 1st, husbands will finally have the ability to receive 6 months of paid leave to assist their wives in raising another man’s child.

Families like Carl's will no longer have to sacrifice finances for family
Families like Carl’s will no longer have to sacrifice finances for family

Carl Cuck is one particular victim of the current circumstances which forced him to choose between paying the bills or bonding with his wife’s boyfriend’s infant.

“Prior to this bill, if I wanted to help out my wife and her boyfriend, I was limited to cooking them a meal or babysitting on date night. Everyone knows the first few months is crucial and I haven’t really had much time to bond with that little guy.”