Trump offers to pay moving expenses for ‘Useless Americans’ who wish to flee to Canada if he’s elected

Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump responded in a press conference to the growing threats of Americans to move to Canada or Denmark if he is elected. This comes on the heels of fading celebrity Miley Cyrus’s emotional plea with America to never vote for Trump.

Miley enjoying a toasty blunt
Esteemed American Miley Cyrus enjoying a toasty blunt

During the press conference he referred to most of the online protesters as “useless druggies” and promised, if elected, he would “personally pay for each and every one of them” to leave the country. Donald Trump offered an expletive laden response to how the United States would move on if Miley Cyrus decides to migrate.

“Look I was very nice to that little c*nt a few years ago when she was going through some personal problems. It was very much a charitable effort on my part because the reality is that Miley has zero talent.

Actually, if you look up the word ‘condom’ in the dictionary, any dictionary, there’s a picture of Miley Cyrus. Not because she is a c*m dumpster for old music producers, although it’s true. No it’s because you don’t reuse something that is disposable, of course not it’s disgusting… you throw it away.”