Hillary Clinton calls on sexist Bernie Sanders to stop preventing history, sexist phallic attacks

FLINT, MICHIGAN – Mother, philanthropist, former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took to town hall in Flint Michigan to defend herself against a recent barrage of sexist attacks from Senator Bernie Sanders on Tuesday calling him to step out of the race for the good of history.

During the latest debate Bernie Sanders prevented Mrs. Clinton’s multiple attempts at interjecting herself into his answers by using chauvinistic hand gestures including mimicking his phallus with his index finger.

“Frankly I’m sick and tired of the senator’s sexist attacks on my character and limiting my time speaking at the debate. His most recent gestures are his worst and his behavior is becoming alarming. We all know he wouldn’t be talking to me like that if I was a man.”

Bernie Sanders using sexist finger gestures towards Secretary of State Clinton
Bernie Sanders using sexist finger gestures towards the face of Secretary of State Clinton

Near the end of the speech Secretary Clinton called for the senator to stop his campaign against women by ending his campaign for the Democratic nomination.

“I’m calling for Senator Sanders to stop his campaign against women, right here and right now on International Women’s Day, and be on the right side of history.”