Obamacare to Require coverage for Body Modification Surgeries

WASHINGTON DC – Green skin pigmentation, eyeball piercings, and amputated ring fingers are the current body modification trends of 2016. However, you will have to wait until 2017 if you want the surgery covered by your insurance.

The bipartisan bill, which takes effect January 2017, will require health insurance providers to cover all types of body modifications finally allowing patients to truly become the person they always believed that they were.

Obama announced the bill’s passage at a gathering with mothers who’s children perished due to botched body modification surgeries at a White House Rose Garden ceremony:

“Thanks to this bipartisan bill, no mother will have to worry about the safety of their child’s body modifications no matter how extreme.

Starting in 2017, body modification enthusiasts will no longer have to pay out of pocket or resort to undergo procedures in back alleys giving risk of infection or death.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has proposed a similar bill in Canadian parliament which will be voted on in early March.