Dick Cheney open to Vice Presidency if Jeb is Nominee

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Former Vice President Dick Cheney has left his home in Montana to join Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush on the campaign trail in New Hampshire which has many thinking this is a hint at his possible availability for vice president.

“Besides fly fishing, being a retired vice president isn’t as exciting as you would think. Jeb knows I’ll be waiting by the phone when I arrive home. None of the other Republicans on stage have as much experience serving as vice president as I do.  I’ve been in touch with Rummy [Donald Rumsfeld] and I think we can put one hell of a cabinet together.”

Cheney waiting by phone for VP nod
Cheney waiting by phone for VP nod

Cheney who has mostly been silent through the Republican nomination process has announced his preference for the Republican nominee and disdain for frontrunner Donald Trump stating: “Donald Trump is a joke, he’s an isolationist and frankly he’s the only candidate that would make me switch parties to vote for Hillary.”

This echoing sentiments of his good friend and Saudi Arabian Prince Alawaleed bin Taleel who took to Twitter:

CORRECTION: Mr. Cheney does not reside in Montana, but in Wyoming, the other irrelevant state. -bm