New Gym Targets Self Esteem

TORONTO, CANADA – Eaton Centre Mall welcomes SafeSpace Fitness, the world’s first gym to cater to people’s self esteem.  The facility, which underwent a grueling 18 month construction project, opened Monday catering to everyone from those who casually exercise to those who have no desire to exercise.  Founder Laura Trevilet proclaimed at the grand opening on Monday:

“We are extremely excited to announce to all Canadians a place to truly feel comfortable in their own skins.  Our state of the art facilities will help you look however you would like to look whether that be thick or thin.  Body shaming will be nonexistent nor will feelings of confidence or high self esteem.

Nobody should feel shameful about themselves period!  Many of our members used to workout but stopped due to self inflicted body shame caused when people with chiseled bodies are around them or they see someone else lifting heavier weights.”

SafeSpace Fitness is currently the world’s first gym to limit weights that all members can lift to 7.5lbs, it  has also banned mirrors and scales from the entire facility.

The state of the art facility provides all-you-can-eat buffets serving everything from Chinese to Canadian/American cuisine complete with video games consoles around the perimeter of the entire space.  SafeSpace Fitness is planning to open it’s first American location by the end of 2016.