‘Unsure’ Delivers Strong Debate Performance Surpasses Jeb Bush

SOUTH CAROLINA – With the 2016 debate coming to a close, the clear winner of the sixth Republican debate appears to be Unsure.  Post debate polls currently have Unsure surpassing Jeb Bush rising to fifth position in the race.

  1. Trump – 36%
  2. Cruz – 19%
  3. Rubio – 12%
  4. Carson – 6%
  5. Unsure – 5%
  6. Bush – 4%

Delivering some of the strongest lines of the evening, Unknown insulted Rubio’s “short and boyish” features claiming that he wasn’t “strong enough to defeat Hillary.” Other insults accused Ben Carson of being “on morphine, he looks more drugged than one of Bill Cosby’s victims” and called Trump “weak on immigration.”

The largest applause from the evening was when Chris Christie entered the stage wearing a lobster bib and began the debate eating an entire lobster complete with lemon and butter.