Vegan Restaurant Child Labor Scandal

NEW YORK, NY – Cafe de Chatte, famous for it’s vegan food is under fire for several human rights violations including child labor, human trafficking and workplace safety.  Located in the West Village for nearly twenty years the exclusively Vegan restaurant with emphasis on farm to table.

Human rights violations by the restaurant were uncovered as a child labor factory was found where the restaurants “farm to table” was found to be a sham.  The controversy began two weeks ago when NYPD raided a Meatpacking district warehouse which was suspected of growing marijuana only to find a child labor factory.

Warehouse invoices connected the police’s investigation to Cafe de Chatte.  Detective Pete Peroni described the sad conditions he saw of nearly 200 children, some shackled to indoor gardening stations:

“They were growing vegetables indoors with sun lights; Children had been shackled to tables drinking their water out of dog bowls.  The children were required to change the light bulbs, plant seeds and water the plants regularly.”

Owner of Cafe de Chatte, Andre Chatte, defending his use of child labor threatened the city with a lawsuit of his own.

“First of all, these children were volunteers and they very much enjoyed volunteering for us.  They are trying to shut me down because I am not using food from a factory farm.  We will remain open and will be pursuing our own legal action against the city.”