Poll: Americans Increasingly Believe Income Inequality Favor Stealing from ‘The Joneses’

Recent poll from Reuters indicates that Americans are increasingly warming up to the concept of Income Inequality as a solution to their problems.  After decades of blaming the poor and downtrodden for their problems it appears that Americans have shifted towards blaming the wealthy.  Pollster cited newer generations seem warmer to income redistribution:

After decades of American exceptionalism where we saw young people admire the wealthy we finally see the tide shifting.  Fewer people want to be seen as wealthy.  Even teachers and parents play a role as we see more of them nurturing their own personal failures into children.  This has been an key tool in educating new generations on income in equality.  Why “keep up with the Joneses” when you can “steal from the Joneses.”

  • 89% – Americans in poverty believe that millionaires live in solid gold houses
  • 98% – Wealthy millennials who would steal more from their parents
  • 62% – Americans who no longer want to keep up with rich neighbors
  • 56% – Registered voters who consider stealing a neighbor’s riding lawnmower
  • 85% – Americans would favor stealing from other wealthy nations

When respondents were asked what they would do with stolen wealth:

  1. Eat out more
  2. New smartphone
  3. Time off from work to watch Netflix
  4. Designer clothes
  5. Shop at WholeFoods