Two-thirds of Millennials Have Fan Fiction About Themselves

Study finds that Millennials desire to externalize fan fiction about themselves (self fan fiction) more-so than Generation X or Baby Boomers at alarming rates.  According to the study empty threats from “moving to Canada if Trump were elected” to “quitting full-time jobs to focus on a new degree” may actually just be cries for attention due to a lack of attention they receive on social media.

Diane Heilig head professor of sociology at Pace University, who created the study, explained that “while Millennials have no intention of following through on these threats they must be taken seriously or they may actually make mistakes to assert their relevance in the world.  Different generations have some degree of self fan fiction for instance the baby boomers as a whole wanted to own RVs, Gen-Xers wanted that trendy tattoo however only about 15% of each group actually followed through with these fantasies.  What’s different about Millennials is that they do not need to be stoned or drunk to vocalize their self fan fiction therefore their desire to externalize their self fan fiction is creating a mental vacuum allowing an alternate universe in their mind where Facebook or Twitter followers are actually fans of their self fan fiction.  This is unique quality that allows the same person to have a masters degree and feel overqualified for every job except for barista and blogger.”

Millennials seen in Self Fan Fiction
Millennials seen in popular self fan fiction television show

HBO’s Girls is one such example that she pointed to noting how people who watch the show fall into two groups.  “The first group of people are Millennials who watch the show because they identify with the struggles of the characters and relate this to their own struggles for attention and relevancy in the world.  The second group of people watching Girls strangely enough were non-Millennials, who it turns out are waiting for characters on the show to make some sort of suicide pact and follow through with said pact on television.”