Trump Endorses British on Plans to Ban Him

In a bizarre twist of events Donald Trump has gone from appearing hurt by the the British petition to ban him from the country to endorsing it this morning stating: “I will sign it myself, it will never pass without my signature.”

This after yesterday’s rejection of British culture when the “The Donald” took to Twitter stating he will “miss nothing about Britain, the queen is frankly overrated and their food (which you have probably already heard) stinks.”

This morning the Donald Trump campaign released an official statement endorsing the petition to bar his entry into the country: “Look it’s simple, we want to eliminate hateful people from coming in this country and our allies abroad have just as much right to bar me.”

We reached out to the organizers of the petition to see if they had any comment which upon responding: “whahuhhh?” subsequently short-circuited their motherboard and bursted into flames. 🔥